Fazio Landscaping, Inc.

We are a landscape design, construction, and maintenance services company that integrates a love of the land with well-designed landscape elements upon it.

Vince Fazio


Vince Fazio, a man with a lifelong interest in agriculture and belief in good old-fashioned hard work, founded Fazio Landscaping, Inc. in 2002.  A hands-on entrepreneur who leads by example, Vince Fazio is very much involved in the day-to-day operations of his company.  Vince has a love of the land and well-designed landscape elements upon it.  He demonstrates strong loyalty to his customers, the communities in which he serves, and the people who work with him

Bill Carlson


Bill Carlson is a registered landscape architect with a strong background in design, plant materials, and landscape construction.  Bill develops and maintains client relationships from initial contact to project completion.  He is committed to providing solutions that meet the individual needs of each client, knowing that excellent service and personalization creates customer loyalty and referral activity.  Bill has a Bachelor of Science degree in landscape architecture from Iowa State University.  He has received industry-wide awards and recognition for superb design and craftsmanship.

Scott Baxter


Scott Baxter began working with clients and managing crews as a professional landscape contractor in 1988 He understands the business from all angles and provides meticulous attention to detail.  Scott ensures that client expectations are executed and that crew relationships are positive and productive.

Jason Straube


Jason Straube has a strong background in Operations Management. He is dedicated to providing top-notch customer service to every client.  He has extensive experience managing landscaping and snow operations to ensure efficient, high quality results.